Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TuesdayTruth Day

Soooo, we've been learning about honesty here at the Cabin the past few weeks.  I thought it might be fun if us "grown ups" started being a little more honest with each other, too.  After all, we aren't always our super poised, social media perfect selfie person, are we?  So, here's your chance to be the real you :).  If we have enough fun, and it helps get to know each other better, we might just do it every Tuesday!!!

I'll start.

Since last Tuesday, I might have.....

...planned an amazingly fun "camp night" for the family.  Spent hours thinking about it, planning it, and being excited about how much fun we'd have.  Put our camp food in the oven during nap, to be sure it was ready.  Then, was so distracted by life, I completely forgot it was camp day, did nothing to set up the living room and nothing resembled camping AT ALL. Except the food.  It was a failed mom moment.  And I'm sure everyone was wondering why we were eating potatoes, onions, hot dogs, and cheese from a giant aluminum foil pouch.  But, no one complained ;).

...attempted to change a diaper, while laying baby on a chair, and attempting to balance myself on the edge of that chair, with my body turned backward.  This was not a good idea.  I'll just leave it at that.

...been super on top of things to get a letter in the mail to my Mamaw, only to discover I hadn't put the little red flag up on the mail box (you know the one that tells your sweet mail person, it's ok to take the mail out. Since, she may be confused when you haven't removed the mail you've actually received...for days :/).  And I may have discovered this little red flag failure, um, two more times, before I actually put it up to help said mail lady out.

...been so selfish and exhausted that I hid my coffee in the microwave, and snuck into the kitchen repeatedly pretending to "do the dishes," so I could sip it in peace.

...noticed how well that worked, and snuck back into the kitchen pretending to decide what to make for snack, and hid behind the refrigerator door to sneak large, satisfying gulps of chocolate milk.  Yes, it was worth all the sneaking.  And yes, I have seen the quote floating around that, "if you have to sneak, you probably shouldn't be doing it."  But in this case, I didn't care ;).

...been running so late for church, that when I ran into the kitchen to grab a snack for Eric (who hadn't eaten all day), I noticed I'd left eggs boiling.  So, I may have turned them off and saved the house from burning down....and forgot his snack.  Sorry, Bub :/.

...told this same husband that I'd put a dirty diaper in his pillow case, if he didn't take a huge, hairy spider outside that he was trying to show me.  And I would have really done it.

...been so excited to get the kids fed and to bed early one night, so Eric and I could have a date, I poured the mac n cheese noodles in the trash and threw the box into the boiling water.

...and maybe when I realized what I'd done, I might have scooped those noodles right back out, washed them, and made them for the kids! (don't worry, I'd just changed the trash minutes before. There were things in there. But no dirty diapers or anything equally unsanitary ;))

...typed almost every single thing you've seen from me on here or social media, with only one hand.  Because, I'm awesome and I like to hold my babies while I play on the computer :).

Ok!!!  Now, it's your turn!!  Let's hear it!  Leave a comment, telling us what you "might have done" since last Tuesday.  We'll all still be friends after.  I promise :)


  1. Mostly working and cleaning house. We were away last weekend and it is time to make up for that time away.

    1. Oh, I know how that is. Getting away for a little is always nice, but it does leave some things to catch up on!!

  2. I drink chocolate milk in secret too! ;) ... and I hid some dirty dishes in the oven when I had some company coming over... well...maybe. ;)

    1. Ha! Glad to hear I'm not the only one!! And that's a really good idea about the oven!!!!