Monday, May 4, 2015

A Day In Our Life {Monday, May 4, 2015}

Happy Monday!!!! Today, we had LOTS that really needed to be done. Eric and I got up and he left for work (without breakfast :(), and the kids were already starting to wake up. So, we made some oatmeal, bananas, and yogurt quickly, while I snuck drinks of my coffee (I wasn't feeling like sharing this morning), and had our vitamins. Mia's diaper had a little trouble doing its job during breakfast, so it made a puddle on the floor... While I was cleaning that up, she took the defective diaper off before she realized she wasn't quite done..... Aaaaannnnnddddd, she ran through the kitchen, dining room, and living room before all business was fully taken care of..... So, that was quite the clean up operation.

 After breakfast, Ely gave us all a lesson in the CORRECT way to color a tiger. Then, we got dressed for some hard work in the sun and headed outside. We were planning to go straight to the garden, but the kids talked me into playing bubbles first while Carli giggled in her swing. I liked this idea, because it gave me a chance to grab a banana and some milk. Our crazy, pregnant cat had come thru the kitchen screen door and eaten my breakfast while I was getting everyone else settled at the table, and I didn't notice until too late...

So, we played bubbles, and fed the animals. Of course the cat wasn't hungry for cat food, since she'd already eaten someone else's breakfast :/. But we fed her anyway, because we're nice like that. Then, we gathered shovels and Silas' Tonka dump truck, and headed to the garden. We stopped to pet Oatmeal and throw her ball a few times, then got to work weeding the garden.

Ely's  home school project right now is to grow her own strawberry patch. She wanted to last year, but I procrastinated too long and missed the opportunity. So, this year, we got her two little plants, Eric tilled her a small patch just for her, and we let her do her thing. Today, her very first strawberry was ready to eat!!! She said it wasn't for sharing, but she did describe in detail how delicious it was!!! I will have to be patient to find out for myself..... if she EVER decides to share ;).

Eric had cultivated on Saturday, so it made our job MUCH easier!!! Mia and Carli played contentedly in a portion of dirt that hasn't been planted yet, and Ely and I filled our buckets with weeds while Silas hauled our loads to the "weed pile" outside the garden. This served three purposes. Silas loves to work with construction equipment, it kept me from having to waddle back and forth everytime my bucket was full, and it kept Silas busy and away from our vegetable plants (we're still learning to watch where we step ;)).

Things were going amazingly well for a while. Until Ely spotted a bug she wanted to show everyone. I never saw it, but she said it had a tiny shell that looked just like a turtle. But when she picked it up, it wrapped black poky legs around her finger and bit her. The drama that followed was a little more than I was prepared to deal with. So, we decided to all go get a drink of juice and regroup. While we were trying to recover, and Ely was still crying, Mia informed us that she was too tired and needed her bed. Everyone agreed, so we headed upstairs, read a story about a duck named Grumble that complained all the time, but then learned to be content, so they changed his name to Bubbles. Then, we changed diapers and put Silas and Mia to bed. Ely had already fallen asleep on the floor, so I decided it might be wise to let her stay there. Then, I fed Carli, and took several trips back upstairs to take Silas potty.

He  was almost potty trained when I found out I was pregnant with this new baby, and I was SO sick, I couldn't make myself take the many frequent trips to the potty or clean up poopie accidents. So, I got lazy and put him back in diapers. Well, I feel better right now than I ever have when pregnant. So, I decided I better hurry and get him used to going potty, while I'm not constantly throwing up, and before new baby gets here. He's done really well! So, that's exciting :)!!!

However, I still haven't gotten his new room set up. So, between all the potty trips, he woke up both sisters prematurely, and I found myself at the end of nap with no housework to show for it. Maybe tomorrow ;). We had some lunch, and headed back outside. We intended to go finish all the weeding, but instead decided it might be a blessing to daddy if we cleaned off the porch. So, we worked on that for a little, until Silas was too exhausted, and we headed back upstairs for some quiet time for the kids and a shower for me. I had an unexpected disagreement with someone I really care about, and I HATE that. So, I spent the rest of the kids' quiet time praying about if I'd been wrong in my actions, which had caused the breech. Disagreements are no fun and generally make me sick to my stomach.

Ely woke up first. We had an apple and peanut butter snack and talked about a few things, and then we saw daddy out the window! So, we ran outside to see him before he started weed eating and working on another project he's almost finished with. After supper, everyone was exhausted. So, we took it to bed, and I remembered I still hadn't put sheets on our bed. I checked the dryer, and sure enough they were still damp. So, I put on the mattress cover, and hoped that would suffice for tonight :/. Definitely better than a bare mattress.

This was our uneventful day :). What did you do today?