Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cabin Breakfast- an Unexpected Favorite

Happy December!!  So, we had an accidental breakfast creation a few months back, and turns out, the kids LOVE it!!!!  It is a super odd combination, but somehow, it tastes pretty good!  Here it is:

Scrambled Eggs
An enormous amount of cinnamon

And there you have it.  Not a professionally written recipe at all, but I think you can figure it out ;).  You might be surprised by how much you like it.  And if there are kids involved, make more than you think you should ;).

Blog notes: We are starting project Cabin Christmas today.  That means, we are attempting to convert our little cabin into Christmas.  We've had some sickness, so things may move slowly, but we will update as we go along.

Also, I haven't been including photos in my blog posts, because I'd misplaced my lap top charger, and my lovely blog doesn't like accepting photos from my phone.  BUT I found a charger.  So, hopefully more pictures soon :).  I do post some pics on our Facebook page.  So, you can follow us there for more of a visual and less words :).

Anyone else decorating for Christmas today?????

Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Many of you mothers know very well the feeling of waking with a sick child. Night time seems to always be the most difficult for a little one that is not feeling well. A few weeks ago, early in the morning, we heard the cry. It was Mia, our 2 year old. She thought there was a wasp in her bed. But, our tough little girl, that would normally fall right back to sleep when I told her she was safe...... didn't. She was insistent I take her to daddy. So, down the hall we went, and she felt so very hot. We did all the usual things you do to help a sick baby.  But, in an instant, things changed.  She became unresponsive, and we hurried to get dressed for the emergency room.  Before we could leave, she began having a seizure.  And it wouldn't stop.  They took us back right away, when we arrived in the ER, and the nursing staff worked as quickly as they could to get her heart rate, oxygen levels, and seizing under control.  The Lord gave Mia the very best Doctor for her, and she worked hard to get little Mia's body to stabilize.

In the rush to get her to the ER, and make sure our other children were cared for, the Lord had held my heart and fought off the fear that was nagging to overtake me.  But then, standing in that room, watching her struggle, and seeing the looks the nurses were silently giving to one another..... my peace fled.  Fear began to suffocate me.  And there he was.  Death was in the room.  And I was watching him take one of my most precious gifts.  I turned to Eric for comfort, and that's when I saw.  Head bowed, pleading for help from the only One that could give it.  And somehow, that's when I knew the Lord would prevail.  He would give her life.  There was nothing too hard for Him.  We continued to beseech the Lord for 2 1/2 very long hours.  Her poor body had been through so much.  There were so many questions.  Would she ever be the same little Mia we knew?  Would she walk or talk?  Would seizures be a part of our lives from now, on?

Finally, her body was able to stop fighting.  And she rested.  We waited to hear her sweet voice again.  When she finally woke, she was frantic.  Eric got her calmed down, and she slept some more,  The next few days were filled with tests and a very irritable Mia.  We watched the Lord answer so many prayers for Mia during our hospital stay.  When we brought her home, she could not sit up without assistance, her balance was so bad.  Within days, she was running and playing again :).  She still doesn't do well in crowded or unfamiliar situations, and a few other things we've noticed are a little different than before.  But, she's here.  She is still a little ball of joy, rolling through our family.  And I am so very thankful :).

Psalm 30:12 "To the end that my glory may sing praise to Thee, and not be silent.  O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto Thee for ever."