Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Truth Day

Oh yes!!!  It's Tuesday, again.  The day we lay aside our perfect, social media, selfie selves, and bring out the real us.  I'll start again this week ;).

I was relatively behaved this past week.  However, I still may have...

...been laughing so hard at the kids determined to climb a 1 1/2 inch diameter tree, with absolutely NO limbs, that I dumped an entire wheel barrow full of fire wood.

...also dumped another full wheel barrow of fire wood, the very next day.  No excuse.  Just clumsy.

...been completely unashamed of myself, when I "cleaned" the bath tub by actually only wiping it down with a cleaning wipe.

...had to REALLY clean the bath tub when a certain child poopied in said tub less than 5 minutes later.

...allowed one child to wear two completely different shoes in public because I really didn't have time to go fish the match of one shoe from behind the toilet, or the other from the trash can.

...laughed while cleaning one child's throw up off of the couch, and another child started gagging when she smelled it and threw up on the chair across the room, and two more ran into the kitchen gagging and holding their noses.  This was not actually a funny situation, but somehow, in that moment, I thought it was hilarious.

...seen the kids' Sunday School teacher walking out of a store, as I was pulling in with the kids, jumped out as fast as I could, told her to watch my vehicle because the kids were inside it, and ran inside to run my errand before she could respond.  Have you ever buckled and unbuckled 5 car seats, only to be in the store for 3 minutes?  Then, you totally understand! :).  Thanks, Mrs. Brittney! :)

...drank an entire root beer, that was supposed to be saved for special root beer floats with the family.

Aaaaaaand, that's about the extent of my Tuesday Truths.  Or at least the ones I can remember!  Now, it's YOUR turn!!!!  What "might" you have done since last Tuesday?  I promise we'll still be friends!!!


  1. Laughing at the kids is a classic moment of joy. My kids make me laugh every day! So....I may have collected up all the little odd toys I found lying on the floor, put them in a basket,then told my kids if they weren't put away by a certain time they would be donated to some other children. Lol! Amazing how quickly they cleaned things up! :)

    1. Haha! Yay!!! That's a great way to get things put away!! Good job, Mama :)