Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tuesday Truth Day {Late}


So, I guess you already know the first thing I might have done this past week?  I posted Tuesday Truth day on Thursday night..... At 11 pm.  Ahem... Well, after a few weeks of sickie kiddos, sleepless nights, and piles of laundry, we've just been in survival mode......

Speaking of laundry, this week, I might have...

...thrown ALL of our dirty laundry down the stairs to the main floor, and left it sitting at the bottom of the stairs for an entire week.  Yes, I might have actually done that.  We've just been climbing over it.  True story.

...failed to mention in my previous admission, that half of that pile is still sitting there....  (I should probably explain, our laundry room is in the basement.  So, I have actually been working at it one load at a time.  I'm just goin' kinda' slooooooooow.  And we keep adding to it ;).  But, tonight's the night it gets done!!!)

...been so exhausted, and just ready to get said laundry DONE already, that I washed Silas' belt in his pants, still buckled up.  And dried it.  Never noticed, until the metal latch burnt me upon removal from the dryer.

...eaten waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too many biscuits.  But, they were so, so yummy.

...also consumed entirely too much coffee.  Did I mention we've not had much sleep lately?

...failed to clean the ashes out of the fireplace one morning, and caused the fireplace to smoke up the house a little.

...then, become so enthralled, while standing outside with those smokey ashes, at all of the beauty God has created and laid at my doorstep, that I failed to consider I'd left the furnace door wide open and smoked the house even more.  There was a pile of clean laundry sitting right beside the fireplace.  We aren't chain smokers.  Our clothes just smell like it now ;).

...fallen even more in love with my amazing husband.

And I might RIGHT NOW be having the very first few minutes of complete quiet to myself in WEEEEEEEEKS.  What am I doing?  Writing this post, drinking hot coffee, and feeling completely ecstatic about my cast iron skillets re-seasoning in the oven.  I can't wait to finally cook with them!!!  Yay!

So, tell me, what have you been doing this week?  You'll feel so much better if you just let it out!  I promise :)


  1. Hey friend! I hope you conquered the laundry! Lol
    So, I might have fallen asleep, fully dressed, next to my husband, on the couch...finally made my way to the bed some time after midnight, still dressed...and woke the next morning to decide that I was totally dressed for the day. Lol exhaustion--no matter how glad I am to be wife/mom--is real!

    1. Haha!!! I have laughed and laughed about this!!!! You are always beautiful, even in yesterday's clothes :)