Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Truth Day

Heyya, Little Cabin Friends!!!!

It's Tuesday!  If you're new around here, or have yet to have the courage to tell a little truth about your self, this is how we do things on Tuesdays.  I tell you some things I *might* have done this past week.  And then, you leave a comment, telling a truth about YOUR week!  We always see each others' presentable selves on social media, and our brief interactions at church, or wherever.  But, really, come on.  We ALL know we have moments we'd rather not anyone else see.  So, here's your place to be the real you.  Tell us what you've been up to :).

I'll start.  This past week, I may have...

...almost started crying when Eric asked if I wanted anything to eat last night.  No idea why.  I'm generally not a crier.  He worked late on a project at work, and I guess I was just extremely tired?  That's the excuse I'll give anyway ;).

...had to change a last minute diaper on the way out the door to church Sunday.  Didn't have time to wash my hands.  (I normally wash after every diaper.  Promise lol.)  Held Eric's coffee for him on the way.  Pulled in the parking lot and noticed a curiously yellow stain all over my hand.  Yep.  Poop,  Sorry, Eric.  Hope your coffee was yummy!!  Note: I'm not completely disgusting.  I only shook a few people's hands before making my way to the nursery to wash.  Just kidding!! I went straight to the soap ;))

...gotten a few numbers confused when texting a hurting friend and accidentally told a complete stranger I loved them.  No worries.  They said they loved me, too!  Some people are so friendly!!

...decided to let Ely spice our hot chocolate concoction any way she wanted tonight, and it was AMAZING!!  I am so serious.  Like, Christmas in a mug!  So good.  I'll definitely share her recipe.  And Eric's secret DIY whipped cream.  But, first, I need to finish my.... um..... 4th cup of this delicious hot chocolate.  Who knew a 5 year old could be so amazing!!!  I love kids.  They keep life so fun!!!

Ok, ladies and gents.  It is your turn.  Tell us what you've done this week.  Don't be shy.  You know you wanna!


  1. I might have emptied the contents of our vacuum cleaner into a trash bag, set the trash bag next to a full laundry basket and left the room. Then returned and grabbed the trash bag from the bottom and dumped all that disgusting stuff into the laundry basket of clothing. Thankfully, the contents of the laundry basket was waiting to be washed already :)

    1. Haha! Oh, no! I would so do something exactly like that! Good thing they weren't clean clothes!!