Friday, November 21, 2014


I spent most of my childhood in fear.  I was afraid of the dark, afraid to talk to people, afraid to be in situations that may draw attention to me, afraid my parents would decide they didn't want me anymore and give me up for adoption, and on and on and on.  Through some difficult times in my life, the Lord taught me to lean on Him when I was afraid.  And somehow, through that, most of my fears didn't seem so frightening anymore.

But here lately, with the Littles getting to the ages where fears and bad dreams are becoming common, fear has been something I have been thinking about.  We have lots of fears going on around here.  Surprising, since Eric and I are fairly strict on what we allow our family to be exposed to.  But you know, some things are just scary.  Like, lions (or especially being thrown into a lion's den with one! Yikes!), alligators, Curious George, cement trucks..... ya know, things that you'd expect just EVERYONE to be horrified of.  It's easy sometimes to blow off a little one's fear, and tell them that's just silly.  But it isn't silly to them, is it?  They are legitimately afraid.

And then, my mind wonders to my own current fears.  Come on.  We are all scared of something.  So, don't pretend you aren't ;).  Opossums and mice are definitely on my list.  But even deeper, are issues of life.  I am more cautious than I should be in everyday play, because I fear one of my kids will get hurt and I won't be able to help them.  I am probably overly careful in my own friendships, and expect extreme discretion in my husband's friendships because I fear satan finding even a tiny foothold into my marriage, and wreaking destruction on the ones I hold most precious.  I still fear situations that would draw attention to me.

My anxieties are much more reasonable than those of my Littles, aren't they?  The more I think on it, and especially the more I pray on it, I'm starting to think I may be displaying a lack of faith when I allow my fears to dictate my thoughts and my actions.  Because, although it IS possible for a certain fearful child to be harmed by a cement truck, her daddy and I will do everything we can to protect her from that.  She just needs to trust us.  And although it is possible for me to be put in a situation that would be terrifying for me, I need to trust that the Lord will bestow His grace and protection.  A spirit of fear is not from the Lord.  So, although I may still feel afraid at times, I am trying to have faith that my Saviour will hold my hand when needed.  All of this is something I am still working out in my own heart, and praying about.  But I don't want to live in fear.  Just like fear prevents my kids from fully enjoying play times, fear robs me of joys that are there for me to grasp.  Our life is but a vapor.  Why spend it in trepidation?

Share your fears, and how you have overcome in the comments below.  Let's take hold of joy instead!!!!

Nahum 1:7

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