Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tuesday Truths {on Thursday}

Hi! I'm jumping on quickly, during nap time! So, I have to kinda hurry, if I'm going to get a shower today ;)!

But, this week, I truly may* have...

...closed Carli's fingers in the bathroom door :(. Ouch!

...eaten several Milano cookies (my favorites), without even realizing it. Too bad, I could have really enjoyed them! 😖

...attempted a home project that I really should have waited for Eric's help on. And now, am trying to repair things, before the weekend, when I ask for his help. Ha!!

...been late for church on Easter Sunday. Who does that? I'm pretty positive I'm the only one. (sigh...)

Whaaaaaaaat have you done this past week!?!?!?!?

PS. Completely random question. Does anyone have an efficient way of storing your empty mason jars, until you start canning for the season? Mine are in boxes in the basement, on the back porch, and well...everywhere. I'm wanting to have a more organized storage system :). You can comment here or on our Facebook page :)!! Thanks!!!


  1. Oh! And I also used one of the kids' little chairs to climb onto the kitchen counter, in order to reach my crock pot (I'm 5'1"). Aaaaannnnd, I may have broken through their chair, grabbed the cabinet door to catch myself, ripped off some of the trim, and landed on my rear. Yeah, I really should have just gotten the step stool that was less than 10feet away :(

  2. ^LOL! I took the liberty of Pinteresting (bad grammar) and Googling your mason jar dilemma. This probably is of no help whatsoever, but the only info that seems to be available is storing your mason jars in plastic bins in the basement, like this-->, to keep from rusting, or having that helpful hubby of yours installing some sort of shelving system (your welcome, Eric :)), in which case you may want to flip your jars upside down to avoid dust. That doesn't seem helpful as it involves time and money, but I can't find any other info. We don't have an extremely large supply of mason jars, so we just put ours in one of our kitchen cabinets like drinking glasses until they are used. :/

    1. We drink out of mason jars, too :). That is helpful!!! I'll go look at the link!!! Thank you!

  3. Mason jars are great! :) Hope you figure something out!

  4. I'm not much help with the mason jars, the few I have are in our drinking glass cabinet. Where do you store them after you can? Maybe you could store them there.

    Also, I think I have just about done everything you listed! Including being late to Easter services(when our church was hosting sunrise service!!)

  5. Well, I don't really have a great system in place for storage of canned items either. Lol. I used to put them on the bottom shelf of a bakers rack in the kitchen.... But our 1 1/2 year old is a little more into everything than our other kids ever were. I'm not sure I can keep them there anymore ;)