Wednesday, March 9, 2016

To Face the Truth {and to Find It}

Sometimes, life is horribly unfair. Sometimes, the most innocent one, takes all the blame. Sometimes, the person trying with all of their might, is overlooked and treated as irrelevant. Sometimes, the one trying to keep Truth and purpose in sight, is the one lied to the most, and made to feel worthless. Sometimes, the one making every effort to be kind, is treated with utmost cruelty. Sometimes, the one who did not participate in the wrong doing, bears the weight of the punishment. And sometimes, it seems that no one even notices.

Sometimes, things don't make sense. And we have to face the truth of how things really are. I've watched the most heart wrenching stories unfold over the past few weeks. My own heart has broken as well. With no hope of recovery.

I don't have any answers or any comfort for others, or for myself. But, I know the One who IS Comfort. He IS truth. His Word stands, and is always right. If no other single thing in our lives is right or good, He still is. It is a beautiful thing to watch someone with every reason to be angry, smile, and say, "He is good. He's always good."

Do you need comfort today? Are things in your life spiraling out of control, with no hope of ever being a source of joy for you again? He is hope, friend. Cast your care upon Him, For He cares for you.


  1. AMEN! Christ is our ONLY hope! And how much of that hurt could we help as a church if we were obedient to Galatians 6:2-"Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."?

  2. Yes! So many things could be avoided if we loved each other and took scripture to heart. Not just in word, but in deed also ❤

  3. Yes and amen! He trades beauty for ashes! His love is strength and power. He gives power to the weak. He has upheld us by His right hand. Somehow the words are not coming out as I would like but I always continue to hear our beautiful Pastor say: "For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain" and I have come to learn through pain & suffering (be it my own or someone else's) it is through His sufferings that we identify. This is hard for me to u/s at times, then other times, it makes perfect sense and He becomes more beautiful to me! <3
    Dear Jesus, I pray right now for Iris, Tracylynn and our church. I pray that we will become more active in word and deed. To be doers and not hearers only. Precious Lord Jesus Christ, may Your perfect will unfold in our lives as we draw nearer to you. No matter what we witness or experience, may our lives be a beacon to those who are in need. I love You & I trust You & it's in Your Perfect Name that I pray...Amen"
    I love you Mrs. Iris Nafziger! <3

    1. I think your words came out beautifully! "His love is strength and power." Yes!!! I can say, the ONLY strength I've ever had, was His, and His alone. I love that! And you ❤