Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tuesday Truth Day {on Wednesday, oops!!}

So, I missed last Tuesday, AND yesterday!  Yikes!!  No excuses, I just dropped the ball....

If you're a new reader, we take Tuesdays to tell the truth about somethings we *may* have done during the previous week.  It is open for anyone to share in the comment section, or over on our Facebook page :).  I usually start, since I seem to be the most embarrassing of the group :).

Sooooo, this past week, I might have...

...announced Sunday morning that I needed to get lunch into the slow cooker.  Then, remembered after church, when it was time to eat, that I never gave it another thought, and we had no lunch.  Oopsie!  Good thing my hubby is gracious, and picked up a bunch of fried chicken for everyone :)!

...told Silas to throw a pile of dirty laundry down to the laundry room, and not taken him seriously when he complained that it stunk WAAAAAAYYYYY too bad.  Then, discovered when loading the washer the next day, that one of our OUTSIDE cats had snuck (is that a word?) inside and pottied in our laundry.  I may have also not realized what it was, until I had held it in my hand for several seconds, confused as to what it was.  Yuck.

...tried a new make up technique, and then promptly washed my face when I overheard the kids talking in the other room about how funny mommy's face looks.  Haha!!!

...had the following items dumped, squeezed, or spread all over the cabin by a certain toddler: an entire tube of sunscreen, the shell pieces from 42 boiled eggs (ok, like, 7. But it seemed like 42 ;)), a wet coffee filter and all of its old coffee grounds that had been discarded in the trash that morning, various crayon, pencil, and marker marks, and some other items I won't mention since I talk about diapers and potty subjects too often on here :)

I know there was one more I was going to share, but I can't quite remember it at the moment.  I'll add it to the comments when/ if it comes to me :).

Ok, your turn.  Don't be shy, We all have goofy moments, right?  Or am I the only one?


  1. Um, not sure how to do this w/o either laughing or using specific words but today when I got off work, went to Walmart to pick up my Rx. Because I work in an office atmosphere, it's not polite to relieve oneself of specific bodily functions. So, most of the time, it's withheld until a more appropriate time & place...yeah, you got it...gas! Lol!
    So, here I am jumping out of my truck, my peripherals wide open to the fact that NO ONE is around me, and I seize the moment to "exhale" but not from my lungs! Bahahaha! That's when this little old dude walked right up in behind me!!! AGH! Too late for me to make eye contact & apologize! Then again, who needs an apology? More room outside than in! So, I dismiss the behavior & he proceeds to walk to the other side of the parking lot!!! I giggle thinking "Smart move!" Hehehe! The worst was yet to happen for as I was at the cash register in the pharmacy dept, this SAME ol' dude was IN LINE RIGHT BEHIND ME!!! Lol! So, in life, people follow you inadvertently not knowing what will happen next! People are also watching so I learned it's now important to watch my behavior, even if it is natural! God is still good...kitty poo, coffee grounds, strangers walking too close and all! <3

    1. Lol! Jeanette! I kinda wish I had been there to see his face haha! So hysterical :). Maybe let it all out at the office next time, and lighten everyone's mood? ;) And yes, God is still good, always :)