Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Truth Day

Hi there! It's our favorite day of the week, right?!? Today will be short because I may have....

...ignored the commotion upstairs during nap time, assuming someone was going potty, only to have one child come downstairs with 2 pounds of Vaseline on their face and in their hair, another child came down with nothing but a shirt on, and yet another child came down crying that she was tired. Because apparently they'd all spent nap time smearing chunks of vaseline all over the bathroom and inside every basket of clean laundry I carried up this morning. Awesome :).

So, right now, I may be... the bathroom, and using the phrase, "blah" way too much. (Anyone else read Frog and Toad? ;))

What *might* you have done this week?

We won't tell anyone ;)


  1. I grew up with Frog & Toad Together! How funny is that?! Love your new blog! Look forward to reading it! <3 Vaseline?! Whew...Cory got into the black Sharpie when he was 2! Agh! Lol!
    This week, I've worked like a dog but became refreshed every time I got a chance to hold Ame J! God is good...Vaseline and all! <3

    1. Oh, sharpies are the worst!!! Don't babies just have a way of making everything better? One little look from their bright eyes, and everything seems better in every way ❤