Monday, March 23, 2015

Little Brown Eyed Girl

It was Jesus who led me into the department store today, just as you were checking out. He needed to teach me something I had forgotten. I was in line behind your Grandma, and you were playing quietly near the pretty bed displays. You touched each pillow and comforter so carefully. It was obvious I startled you, when you realized I was watching, and you ran to your Grandma for comfort and safety. I noticed you were getting a new quilt today, and you kept sneaking touches of it from your spot below the counter. There was no smile, but your big, quietly beautiful, brown eyes showed that you were getting something special. Your dark hair and brown eyes reminded me so much of one of my own girls. But there was something about your eyes, so round, and so quiet, that I couldn't seem to turn away from. You finally smiled at me, but when you reached for Grandma for reassurance and security, your thin little hand accidentally caught her shirt, pulling it up a little.

Everything happened so quickly, I almost wouldn't have seen it, had I not been right behind you. I saw how hard she squeezed your painfully thin, little arm. And although she bent down to whisper in your ear, I could hear every single angry word. Oh, little brown eyed girl. As your face turned to the floor, my heart broke for you, knowing your little heart had been broken so many times before, just like this. And as your little brown eyes released streams of silent tears, I let quiet tears fall from my eyes, as well.

Oh, sweet girl. I searched my heart desperately for words to help you. Something, anything, that would let you know I heard, and I care. Like always, my social awkwardness left me standing there silent, just like you. The sweet lady behind the counter tried to tell you how pretty your new quilt would be on your bed, but you could only attempt to smile with your red, and tear streaked cheeks. I'll never forget you, little brown eyed girl.

See, I haven't had to feel those angry hands or hear those angry words in a very long time. Jesus healed those wounds and gave me a life of peace. I am so thankful for that peace. But, I allowed my own heart to forget that there are still little girls and little boys that aren't always treated with care and patience. Little ones that need to feel safe and loved. Jesus does love you, sweet one. And He heard those words today, just like I did. Maybe Grandma was having a very hard day. And I know there is much more to your story than the few minutes I witnessed behind that counter. But meeting you has changed my heart forever. And you and your grandma will be prayed for fervently, every day from now on. You have such beautiful brown eyes. I pray that one day, they sparkle with joy, instead of sadness. 

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  1. Aww, so sad! I'm glad you were there so you can intercede on her behalf to the Father. And now, because of your words here, I can pray for her, too. You are a sweet soul, Iris. God bless you!