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A Day In Our Life {Wednesday, April 1,.2015}

Hi!!!! Welcome to our life :). I'm not sure if today is an accurate representation of our everyday, because Wednesdays tend to be different. We don't even attempt homeschool because it's tough trying to get ready for Wednesday night church ( Wednesdays are my most challenging days, by far ;)). But, today IS a good time to see how crazy it can be sometimes :). SOOO, here we go!!!

Eric and I woke a little late, so the kids were starting to wake up while he was getting ready for work. When they are up they like to "help" him get ready while I go down and make coffee, breakfast, etc. We got a few minutes with daddy during breakfast, then I walked him out, stopping for a few minutes to fix a few trailer lights (he worked, I talked ;)). Then, he gave hugs and headed to work. While I was outside, Ely had mashed a banana for Carli and started feeding her (first time for that, and a nice surprise), and Silas and Mia had unloaded the dishwasher onto the counter for me. A few little ones needed round two of diapers, so we took care of that, and I went to find my coffee.

Once breakfast dishes were picked up and the dishwasher was going, I set out some crayons and ran down to start laundry, but realized I'd left a load in the washer :(. I haven't done that in a loooooong time, but yuck. It stunk. So, restarted that load and headed back up to get everyone dressed.

Mia was needing assistance getting her baby doll dressed, so we took a few minutes to practice being a mommy, and she even let me burp her baby for her!! :). That was a big privilege for me!!!

Then, Mia talked Silas into playing tea set with her while Ely and I clipped a few coupons, and I went to find my coffee.... Again.
By now, it was 10:30, and I was feeling a little woozy. Great job, Prego, you forgot to eat breakfast. So, I made a quick chocolate, raspberry protein shake, drank before I had to share, and did round three of diapers. I also realized I hadn't even thought about supper, so I checked the freezer, got distracted filling sippy cups for thirsty kids, and went on my way without a supper decision...

A few weeks ago, we'd picked up some flower seeds from the dollar store, we've been so excited to plant!! So, hoping it doesn't freeze again, we planted a box of "hummingbird mix" in our front flower bed! We talked about what color flowers we hope will grow, and how many hummingbirds we think are going to come play at our cabin. If the kids are right, we are going to have LOTS of bird visitors this summer!! Then, I sent the kids to play in the sunshine while I fed Carli on the porch :).

After running inside to change Carli, again, I realized I was missing a Mia. She has a very mischievous personality, and has also been asking repeatedly to play in the creek. She didn't answer when I called her, so I took off down the hill, toward our creek. Halfway there, Ely said she found her.... Asleep.... She had buckled herself into our jogging stroller, which was parked under a tree, and immediately decided she wanted a nap. Nice... We watched a little woodpecker friend finding bugs in one of our trees, and Silas told him he was a nice fella and should live here from now on.

We worked for a few minutes on a ladder trellis we've been making out of some cedar branches Eric cut for us. We're hoping to lean it against the chimney, in the side flower bed, and plant some morning glories to climb it!!

After a quick encouragement lesson on being gentle with our siblings, we headed inside for lunch. I finally found my cold coffee, and did a quick pick up of the living room :).

After lunch, we did diapers, played a game about thankfulness and talked about how important it is to be content and thankful, and laid everyone down for nap. For the first time I can remember, ALL four littles fell asleep at the same time! Whoop whoop!!! I was so tempted to take a nap, too, but decided to go for a quick jog instead. I also planned to plant some bachelor buttons around the mailbox, but that didn't happen :).

Back inside, I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, swapped laundry, cleaned up the lunch table I had left, and took a quick shower. Once everyone was up, we had a snack, and I sat on the couch with Silas to answer some serious questions he had. Halfway into our conversation, someone let Oatmeal, our (outside) dog, in and when I smelled her breath, the morning sickness I'd been fighting all day finally won :(. Ick. So, that was gross, but the kids were playing happy and didn't seem to notice ;).

My plan was to do baths, then prepare supper. And {I think} I would have maybe had time. But, things never go as planned ;). I try to start early enough on baths to allow for unexpected delays, but late enough the kids will still be clean when we actually get to church..... Delicate balance ;). We headed upstairs for baths, and got a text from daddy that someone was coming to look at a trailer he had for sale. So, we all went back downstairs, I laid out some baby dolls and a tractor, and went out to meet the potential buyers. They were really nice, and excited that the trailer would work perfect for what they were needing it for. We were just wrapping things up when papaw came over, and I was sent inside so he could handle things instead ;).

Up the stairs we all went again, started bath water, and Silas saw papaw's car out the window. Well, that started a near riot, so back down we all went again for the kids to see papaw. They searched the whole property for him (or at least the parts they thought he might be at), and couldn't find him. I had no idea where he had gone, and we were pushing it to get ready on time, so I made everyone go back upstairs, yet again, tears and all.

Baths went extremely well, other than me getting soaked from head to toe, and needing to change again before church.   We headed to my room, where I had clothes laid out for everyone. Except, I stayed in the bathroom to plug in my curling iron and brush through my hair for 30 seconds...... Well, that was enough time for a certain little girl to cover her face, hair, and arms with a stick of brand new lipstick. It was brand new because this same little girl had emptied an entire stick a month ago on herself, her brother, and our cream colored sheets. I hoped a baby wipe would clean things up, but I realized she had also "brushed" her hair with mascara. Waterproof mascara. Also brand new. It was NOT wiping out of her hair or scalp. So, back to the tub, which had already been drained. A few minutes later, we joined our siblings again, and we all got mostly dressed. Well, except for Carli and me. I was just pulling clothes out for myself, when Silas noticed papaw out the window again. All three older kids scrambled down the stairs and out on to the porch to see him, and we talked for a few minutes ( Silas sneaking into the flower bed and making sure his pants got nice and dirty) before papaw left for church. I was starting to panic inside. There was no way I was going to finish getting everyone ready before Eric got home to take us to church. I told the older kids to get shoes on, and ran upstairs to dress Carli. The thought that I hadn't fixed anything for supper somehow began nagging at me, as well as the knowledge that any minute all the kids would be asking for something to drink, and I did not have time to round up sippy cups. Then, Carli's dress was gone. I had no idea where it had gone. I threw a skirt and shirt on myself, hoping I matched, and hollered down to ask Ely about Carli's dress. Ely's baby had needed it to wear tonight. I would need to find something else.... With no time to think, I grabbed Carli's "spare" dress out of the diaper bag, threw it on her, and strapped her in her carrier seat just as Eric was pulling in! Whew! I might've almost pulled it together!!!! But, then I glanced in the mirror ;). I had totally forgotten to get myself ready. I brushed my teeth, unplugged the curling iron I never used, pulled my hair into a clip, slapped on some chapstick, and ran downstairs to find Eric giving all the kids their sippy cups. Sometimes, the smallest things can make you even more thankful. My husband is a consistent blessing :).

We got everyone loaded and partially buckled into car seats, when we realized Silas had no shoes. This is not uncommon, however, I was pretty sure his shoes were on the front porch, so I ran to grab them. Then, while putting them on, I found a pretty nasty cut on the bottom of his foot. So, I told him to go barefooted, and left it at that :). We got all car seats buckled, including Ely's baby doll, and pulled out.

Unloading at church found Carli to be completely soaked from her diaper. But I had already used her extra dress and had nothing. I asked Ely if I could have Carli's dress back, but she looked so hurt. So, we looked through our crowded vehicle instead, and found a shirt and pants that would kinda work. Yay!! Eric took Mia into the service, and I took Ely and Silas to their class, changed Carli, and headed into church myself..... Only a few minutes late :).

Back home, everyone was starving. I heated up a quicker supper than previously planned, we all ate, and rounded everyone up for bed :).

And that was our Wednesday! My only three goals for today had been to load one of our trailers with donation items to drop off after church, to clean out the inside of our vehicle, and to be at church a few minutes early. I failed at all three of those, BUT I can try again tomorrow :).

Do you find a specific day to be more stressful than any other? And do you look back on your day and wonder how all those tiny tasks seemed to take so long? Yeah, me too :)

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