Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Pileated Woodpecker

Has someone ever told you something that sounded so bizarre, you were sure they had to be extremely exaggerating? Yeah, well, shortly after we moved into our little cabin, Eric was POSITIVE I was stretching the truth, multiple times... Until he saw for himself ;). Here's how it went down....

I was sitting on the porch one morning, before the kids were up, and someone started major construction 20 yards from my head. We don't have neighbors that close, so I turned to investigate. There on a tree was a woodpecker, the size of a chicken! I kid you not. That thing was ginormous. So, I did what any girl would do, and tried to get a pic! The thing flew off, of course, but I sat there stunned. What exactly had that fella been eating to make him so big???

Of course, I called Eric and told him all about it! He laughed. Alot. For a while. Thanks, Bub.

Well, a few days later, SAME scenario! Except this time, I was on the phone with Eric! I told him that chicken sized woodpecker was back again, sure he would believe me this time! Um, no. He laughed again. Even harder. AND he accused me of exaggerating. (note: Eric and I rarely ever argue. This was all in fun, and no one had hurt feelings)

So, I dropped it. But, he didn't. He brought it up to tease me every few days for about a month...... Until......

We pulled in the driveway after church one morning, and Eric's arm flew out the window while he exclaimed, "look at that woodpecker!!!!!!" Not one, but TWO big ole woodpeckers were right there, hammering away at an old tree!!!!! Yes!!! Doesn't sound so crazy anymore, does it?!?!?!?!

A week or so later, I was reading about a campground in Delaware Eric had reserved for us. It said, the campground was a home to the "elusive pileated woodpecker." Why hadn't I thought to look on my super smart phone before?  Well, I looked it up, and there was my tree hammering friend, in all his chicken size glory, with a name. Pileated Woodpecker.....

So, next time someone tells you something you think can not POSSIBLY be true, maybe consider that the Lord just might have made beautiful things we've never thought to think of before! (and look it up on your smart phone, too :)).

Here is some info on our cabin friends, if you're interested :). And a pic, since ours were camera shy....


  1. We have at least one of those living near our house. We rarely get to see it but you can hear it just about every morning haha They're beautiful!!

  2. This is too funny! I would have believed you. Here's why: (look towards the end of the post)

    1. Lol!! <3!!! How exciting for your kids to see :). And it seems little Miss has a birthday coming up!!! Yay!

    2. Yes, she does....don't know how ready my "mommy heart" is for her to be 1 already. :)