Saturday, December 6, 2014

To The Girl That Isn't Good Enough

Dear Girl,

I see you.  You aren't good enough.  At all.  If you were different, you'd have more friends, wouldn't you?  Except for the fact that you are the clumsiest person that ever lived, you might have been decent at sports.  You'd be picked for every part in every play, if you didn't stink at acting.  And, if your voice didn't make people want to cover their ears and run, you would be asked to sing every single solo at church, school, and randomly in the Wal-mart check out line.  Oh, and more boys would like you...... If you were prettier.   And skinnier.  And more tan.  Ugh, and your hair.  Yeah, we better just not mention that.  I'm surprised you even have the courage to walk out of the house every day.  Why exactly do you even keep trying?

Could it possibly be that there really isn't anything wrong with you at all?  Is it even fathomable, that a Perfect, Just, Holy God, made you exactly how He wanted you to be?  A God that looked at all of His creation and HE said that it was good.  He made you.  He's the One that formed your personality before your parents even knew they'd be blessed with you.  Him.  He's the One that tuned your voice to the exact right pitch that He hoped to hear sing His praises for eternity.  Oh, yes, dear girl.  That hair.  That hair that you never can seem to get to look just right, like the "pretty girls" can.  He not only made that hair, He placed every single strand, so He could look down on that beautiful head and be pleased.

And those boys.  Did you ever consider what would happen if every single boy liked the exact same type of girl?  Yikes...... I mean really.  I want you to really think about it.  God made YOU.  He made you perfectly, so that you would fit into the puzzle of your family, your friends, and one day your husband, just exactly right.  Have you ever put together a jigsaw puzzle?  The sky is always the most difficult for me.  At least 750 pieces are blue, but each one has a specific spot in the puzzle.  If you try to force one into the wrong spot, not only will it just not work, you're also now going to have a hole where that piece SHOULD have gone.  You are that puzzle piece, sweet girl.  No, you may not look like you think you should look, be as coordinated as you think you should be, sing like the songbird you think you should, and you might even walk a little awkward.  But know this.  Jesus formed you and made you to fulfill His purpose for your life.  If a "friend" doesn't seem to like you, then maybe they weren't intended to be your close friend anyway.  Maybe their puzzle piece actually goes on the complete opposite side of the picture than yours.  And, that boy?  Yeah, you know the one.  The one you try to be perfect for.  The one that mentions he loves the color red, so suddenly that is the only color of clothes that you will wear.  If he doesn't like you because you really prefer yellow, then it IS possible that God did not ever intend for you to be the kind of girl that boy would like.  It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you!!!!!  God might have another sweet girl picked out for that boy, and wouldn't it be sad if you forced yourself into her spot, and left her, AND your future husband, with a big hole next to their own little puzzle piece?

My point is, if someone doesn't like you.  If you don't get picked first for this or for that.  It is OK.  It does not mean there is one single thing wrong with you!  It means God has a different plan for that person or situation.  And a different plan for you.  Step back, relax, and grow in Him.

He will bring you the people and the opportunities that He has laid out for you.  All you need to do, is listen.  And obey.  And don't forget to give Him the glory, when you wake up one morning, and you realize you wouldn't change one single thing about this plan He has for you :).  Now, quit sitting here reading this blog, and go grocery shopping or something!  There might be a lonely cashier waiting for you to come serenade her with your soothing vocals <3.

Your charming friend,


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