Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Monday Thrift Store Finds

The kids and I took a trip to Goodwill yesterday to get a new baby doll outfit Ely had been saving up to buy.  I was hoping to find a set (or four) of plaid curtains to hang on the main floor for Christmas. Ely found her little outfit almost immediately!  I took a little longer looking around.  And although, I did not find my plaid curtains (yet), I did find some amazing deals, and left SUPER happy :).

Last Saturday, one of the kids had climbed up and accidentally broke the glass shade to my oil lamp.  While looking through the Goodwill dishes, Ely spotted a replacement for $.50!!!!!!!  I could not believe it!  Exactly what I needed!  Here's a picture of it when we got it home, sticker still attached :).

We also found a shirt for Carli, a dress, leggings, and winter boots for Ely, and a Christmas shirt for Silas!  I also spotted a cute pair of green rain boots, hidden under a pile of stuffed animals that will fit either Silas or Mia, and will come in handy when we go creek stomping.  Someone had also donated a brand new bicycle helmet that I know will get good use here at the cabin!

While the kids were playing with the toys, I glanced through the book selection, and found 5 almost new board books!  We love books around here, and a sturdy board book is something to be appreciated when being handled by so many little hands :).

And, then, we found a little wooden crate, 3 cloth napkins, a metal candle bucket with the word "JOY" cut out of the side, and a big stainless steel hamburger flipper that Silas insisted he and daddy NEED for the grill :).

I will probably paint the little bucket to make it look a little more rustic, but all in all, I was super pleased with our trip!

Oh!  And I also got three long strands of greenery to add to our Christmas decor, and a blue plaid dress for myself :).

Disclaimer: After taking the picture of my new glass oil lamp shade, I accidentally dropped it while removing the price sticker and broke it...... Um.  Yes, I actually did that.  We had it home less than 2 hours.  Soooooo, I need to make another trip to a few thrift stores in search of yet another one......

Who else likes to thrift shop?  Anyone else find some good deals lately?

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